How to fill out forms electronically:

IMPORTANT: You can fill out the forms electronically via a desktop or laptop.
Step 1: Click the form link. For example: Enrollment Form 2021
Step 2: Move your mouse over the top right of the document on your screen, you will see an arrow pointed down, click this to download.
Step 3: Save the form to a place you will remember.
Step 4: Go to the file where you previously saved it and open. Your computer may prompt you to download Adobe Acrobat, follow those instructions then continue here.
Step 5:  Click “Fill & Sign” on the right side of the document.
Step 6: Click in the document where you would like to type.
Step 7: When you have completed the form save the document and email it to Jessica at
Step 8: Repeat with the United Way Form

If you are on another device and require a hard copy, please contact Jessica at (719) 381-4807 or

2021 Insurance Plans + United Way

When complete, email to Jessica at

Click here for sample United Way Form

When complete, email to Liz at

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