Play Video about Kids Smelling Flowers
Smiles your support inspired
Children pouring milk, scooping fruit, holding a book

I love walking into our Centers and seeing the shuffle of families dropping off with a kiss or hair tussle, our teachers welcoming a child inside with a silly question or gentle shoulder squeeze. I love the way a child lights up when you hand them a book and answer, “yes! This is for you, take it home.”

I marvel at mealtimes, watching our littlest kids sit patiently around a table for their friend to pass them a bowl of biscuits. Using tiny tongs, they place a biscuit on their plate. Early Connections even has pitchers that are the perfect size for their little hands. They are so proud to pour their own cup of milk. Do spills happen? Absolutely! They help clean up, too.

Every donation supports these small moments in big ways. These are the moments when our children learn abundantly. Another perk of my job? I get to share a few of the smiles inspired by what is made possible with your generosity. Watch the short video above to see our preschool students enjoying a book about flowers and constructing their own flower garden on a rainy day. With a little intentional sprinklings of time and care, it’s incredible what may grow and bloom. 

Donations contribute richly to the mental, physical, and emotional development of our children. With support from donors like you, we have provided the following during the first quarter of 2023 (January to April):

● given out 929 books for children to build their home library and love of reading

● hosted 15+ events for families to play, learn, and foster a strong sense of community

● served 13,379 snacks that are delicious and nutritious 

Nicole Anthony Schiff

Nicole Anthony Schiff Development Director (719) 381-4803