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We are deeply grateful for the continuing support of our community. As a nonprofit organization that ensures no child is turned away, donations close the gap between what parents can afford and the true cost of providing high quality service. It takes a village, and we could not do it without you!

2019 Donors


Colorado Springs Health Foundation


Caring for Colorado Foundation


Jim and Lisa Cleary


Alliance for Kids
Barbara and Andrew Aylward
Diane and Michael Bell
Energy Outreach Colorado (NEEP)
Eloise and Nelson Noland
Christen Petre
Diane and Rick Price
Marvin Strait
Melani and R. Thayer Tutt
Sharon and David Wienecke


Darlene and Mel Cramm
Harrison School District Two
Sandy and Ken Jaray
Krueger Brothers Construction
Gary Loo
Laurie and George Luke
Mari Sinton-Martinez and Paul Martinez
RTA Architects
Strub Heer Trust


Academy Mortgage
Norton Bain
Betteanne and James Barash
Denise and Bob Boggs
Elaine and Jack Brush
Mimi Cavanaugh
Classic Homes
Colorado Information Technologies, Inc.
Liz and John Denson
Ellwood Associates
Ent Wealth Management
Maureen Miller and Michael Finkbiner
Kathy and Skip Fleming
Joan Frederick
Patricia and John Gans
GE Johnson Construction
Heuser and Heuser
Carol and David Hull
Kristel and B.J. Hybl
Sally and Kyle Hybl
Shannon and Karl Lackler
Caren Lacy
Deborah and Curtis Layne
Lodestar Financial Planning
Pamela and Stephen Marsh
Joanne Martin
Zachary McComsey
Karen and Michael McDivitt
Jennifer and Michael Miller
Moody Insurance Agency
Cindy and Mike Morgan
Joan Mullens
My Kids Lunch
Sue and Tom Neill
Bev and Denis Pirio
Melissa and Rick Powell
Kilyn and JW Roth
Karen and Sidney Rubinow
Tara and Ryan Sabin
Paul Schreder
Sandy and Neil Schroeder
Stockman Kast Ryan +Co.
Trudy Taxman
Lisa Tessarowicz
The Gazette
The Marson Foundation
Cheryl and Gerald Tolley
U.S. Bank
Josie and Dennis Watters
Sandy and Denny Weber
Jan Weiland and Alan Gregory
Camilla and Keny Whitright
Janet Wilcox
Mary Beth and Larry Williams
Wendy Wolfswinkel and Terry Stiffler


Kristin and Doug Abernethy
Heather Acken
Joan Agee
Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation
Marcy and Jordan Albert
Gary Albertson
Debra and Victor Alcenius
Allied Alarms, Inc.
Nicole Anthony Schiff and Lucas Schiff
Robert  Armintor
Leah and Jim Ash
Kelly and Nate Banet
Margi Barrutia
Samantha Barton
Krista Beck
Jim Bensberg
Karen and Matthew Beresky
Brandi and David Bergh
Carley Bogus
Chantal Boltjes
Stephanie DiCenzo and Kent Borges
Ryan Bradford
Julie Brecto
Adrienne and Joseph Brinkman
Tracy Brogan
Patricia and Douglas Brown
Angela Brunotte
Janice Brust
Bryan Construction
Steve Burke
Malissa Burnell
Karen Busovsky
Beth and Paul Byer
Myra Carey
Virginia Carlson and David Doman
Melissa and Gregory Caron
Debi Carpenter
Sara Castle
Ann and Tom Christensen
Julie and Mike Christopher
Anne and Chris Coleman
Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation
Colorado Springs Utilities
Debbie and Claude Comito
Marilyn and Richard Conn
Karen Connelly
Nichole and Alexander Conrath
Stuart Coppedge
Angelica Cox
Barbara and Lewis Crawford
Virginia and Guy Cresap
Stephen Cutler
Mari Czak
Charles D’Alessio
Susan Dalnoky
Donna D’Amico
Jessica Davis
Margie and Bill Davis
Yolanda and Luis Delgado
Lauren Desutter
Mary Dumont
Marguerite Duncan
Gilda Dunn
Linda Dyer
Susan Edmondson
John Egan
Giselle Eleo
Elevation Hydration LLC
Syann Elliott
Encana Corporation
Michelle and Eric Erlander
Patrese Evans
Teresa and Gerald Farney
Kim and Gary Feffer
Lindsay and Joanna Fischer
Kathryn Flobeck
Andrea and Jeremy Frazee
Margaret and John Fuller
Jen Furda
Jeannette and Fred Gabbin
Rachael Callahan Gallegos
Rebekah Gans
Clifford Gardner
Claudia and Michael Garofalo
Jamie and Yance Gates
Barbara and Donald Gazibara
Jim George
Robert Gonzales
Jennifer Gottfried
Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Women
Diana and Henry Graski
Mary and Glenn Greenwood
Sharon Bowers and Russell Grossman
Ashley Groves
Sue and Ross Gubser
Drew Hamilton
Cheryl and James Harding
Trachell Harris
Linda Harrison
Nicole and Bradley Hartmann
Carla Hartsell
Stephanie Hatesohl
Jontell Heffernan
Carolyn Hendricks
Lisa Hernandez
Jeannette Holtham and Andre Zarb-Cousin
Kathleen Hood
Michelle Hopkins
Janice and Bill Hornbostel
Gretchen and Robert Howard
Cynthia Hull
Natasha and Curtis Jackson
Jerri and Kenneth Jaramillo
Linda Johnson
Donna Johnson
Barb Jones
Jennifer Jones
Tina and Bill Juliana
Lindsey Kangas
Abby Kappel
Kasi Karnes
Stacey Kasten
Cheryl Kautz
Dan Kay
Tara and David Kelley
Patricia and Patrick Kelly
Peter Kilman
Dalerae Klein
Lynn Kloss
Janet Knox
Carolyn and W. Bruce Kopper
Kristi Williams Photography
Steve Kruse
Karen and Howard Kunstle
Clara Lander
Noreen Landis-Tyson and Mark Tyson
Anita and Philip Lane
Kristi Lee

$1-$999 continued 

Cynthia and Lou Lemesany
April and Brian Lessig
Renae Liberti
Nancy Maday
Gwen and Joseph Madrid
Adam Magruder
Deborah Mahan
Dawn Maloney
Danielle Martinez
Breianna Martinez
Stacy Martinez
Denise Martinez
Michelle Marx
Nancy May
Jessica and Michael McCoy
Nancy and Bruce McDonald
Jeanette McInaney
Laura and Lou Mellini
Shirley Miekka
Paul Mitchell
Ann Montgomery
Nancy Moore
Cheryl Morford
Sara Muirheid
Brian Mukes
Cheryl Murphy
Beth and Ken Murphy
Brenda Nardo
Sue Neufeld
Beth Norton
Erica Oakley-Courage and Pete Courage
Marne O’Brien-Hillis
JoAnn and John C. Orsborn
Palm Bay Inc.
Lindsay Parrish
Susan and Thomas Pattee
Shelby and Jon Pauka
Sarah Penick
Karen Perea
Sheila Pereira
Lauren and Mark Perrault
Amy Pesavento
Joan and Warren Pierce
Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, Inc.
Karen and Wesley Powell
Susan Presti
Liz and Randy Price
Denise Quelch
Mary Pulvermacher and Francois Raab
Samantha Raboin
Tammy Rahaim
Doris Ralston
Amy and Chris Reen
Carrie Richardson
Betty Rickel
Keith Riley
Lynn and Lenard Rioth
Tammy Rivera
Becky Rodriquez and Ron Ajim
Rachelle Roofener
Susan Rose
Lorna Rosenbaum
Denise and Frank Rotunda
Caroline Rueffert
Alicia Russo
Margaret and Andrew Sabin
Claire Sanderson
Judy and Larry Sargent
Renee and Michael Sasse
Marguerite Savage
Michele and Stephen Schaffer
Valerie Schwinn
Jaime Scott
Shannon and Brian Self
Danielle Shannon
Carolyn Shaw
Shane Sherman
Ann and Jim Shikles
Amber Shiparski
Sara and Nick Siakotos
Christy Simmons
Kate Singh
Rachel Smith
Lorin Smith
Elaine Smith
Ted Snyder
Cheryl Solze
Mimi and Joe Spruiell
June Steahlin
Rita Steinhauer
Janette Stoot
Madi Stuart
Summit Ridge Transactions LLC
Janet and John Suthers
Amanda Swenson
Rachael Sysak
Tanya and Keith Szabo
Target – Prominent Point
Charlene Taylor
Amy and Christopher Thacker
Connie Thao
The Preservation Studio, Inc.
Sonja and Hazen Thomas
Christopher Torchalla
Jean Traynor
Kristi Trompke
Emily Ulrich
Rosemary Vigil
Christina and Anthony Vilgiate
Betty Waldron
Kimberly Walker
Jocelyn Wall
Denise Wallace
Jennifer Wallace
Lisa Waples
Natalya and Joseph Watson
Michelle Watts
Emma and David Webster
Christopher Weir
Joliene  Weiss and Johnie Watkins
Wells Fargo
Alex Werden
Sheila Wiener
Alex Wilcox
Melissa and Nathan Willers
Robert Williams
Lyrae Williams
Heidi Williams
Nancy and Dave Winter
Teri Wise
Jane Young and Gary Streff
Hank Young
Sandi and Tom Yukman
Brendan Zahl
Tami and Stephen Zamborelli
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