2016 Donors

We are deeply grateful for the continuing support we receive from corporations and individuals. Our donation income helps us maintain the high quality of services that we deliver to children and families in the Pikes Peak region.

Mr. & Mrs. James Abbott
ABC Supply
Abila/NFP Partners
Ace Hardware
Adventure Golf
Ms. Joan Agee
Ms. Alissa Aguilar
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Album
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Alcenius
Allied Alarms, Inc.
Mrs. Rand AlluaiBi
Alpha Iota Sorority
Amazon Smile
Mr. and Mrs. Oren Anderson
Mrs. Julie Antuzzi-Rueffert
Mr. Robert Armintor
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ash
Assistance League of Colorado Springs
AXA Advisors
Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
Mr. Norton Bain
Ms. Andrea Baldrica
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Banet
Ms. Berni Barber Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barnett
Mr. Andre Barrutia
Ms. Margi Barrutia
Ms. Priscilla Barsotti-Stachel
Ms. Sarah Bartels
Mr. David Beatty
Mrs. Krista Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bell
Benevity Causes
Ms. Sally Black
Mrs. Celeste Blakely
Bob McGrath Construction
Mrs. Denise Boggs
Bohall, Hoover & Assoc.
Mr. and Mrs. Erik and Carmen Boles
Ms. Roma Bonaventura
Ms. Julie Brecto
Ms. Megan Brecto
Mr. Dennis Brenner
Briargate Dental Center
Ms. Adrienne Brinkman
Ms. Tracy Brogan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brush
Ms. Janice Brust
Ms. Rachael Buckiewicz
C & A Trophies and Engraving
Mrs. Campbell
Ms. Denise Campbell
Ms. Amanda Carillo
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Carlile
Carnick & Kubik
Cascade Investment Group
Ms. Mimi Cavanaugh
Ms. Chase
Cheyenne Mountain Garden Club
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Ms. Dina Chiaravalloti
Mr. Brian Chuba
Church at Woodmoor
Cinemark – Tinseltown
Classic Homes
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cleary
Mrs. Colbrunn
Colorado Information Technologies, Inc
Colorado Springs Cleaning Supplies
Colorado Springs Philharmonic
Commercial Cleaning Technicians, Inc.
Community Partnership for Child Development
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Conner
Costco – Nevada
Ms. Eve Courson
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Cramm
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Crawford
Mrs. Cresap
Ms. Cromwell
Ms. Arleta Cromwell
Mr. Cutler
Ms. Dale
Ms. Susan Davenport
Mrs. Denson
Ms. Dias
Ms. Tamara Dillon
Ms. Megan Dodd
Downtown Fine Spirits & Wines
Ms. Holly Doyle
Mr. Ducoff
Steven and Donna
Ms. Sandra Duran
Mr. Paul Eckstein
Ellwood Associates
Energy Outreach Colorado (NEEP)
Mrs. Deborah English
Ent Credit Union
ERA Shields Agent
ERA Shields Real Estate
Ms. Elizabeth Evans
Fargo’s Pizza
Farmers Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Farney
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Finkbiner
Mr. and Mrs. L. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Fleming
Ms. Carole Flint
Ms. Gayle Flora
Mrs. Melissa Fort
Fountain Valley Senior Center
Mrs. Frederick
Ms. Kelly Fugate
Ms. Barbara Furr-Brodock
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gabbin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gazibara
Mr. Robert Gonzales
Ms. Dana Goodman
Ms. Michelle Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Graham
Steven and Debra
Mr. David Greiger
Mr. & Mrs. Groves
Mr. John Gruitch
Ms. Sue Gubser
Ms. Aracely Guillen
Hacienda Colorado
Ms. Hagiwara
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hall
Ms. Nancy Hammer
Ms. Robin Hardie
Ms. Julia Hargrove
Judy and Johnny
Ms. Harris
Harrison School District Two
Ms. Stephanie Hatesohl
Ms. Vicky Hayden
Ms. Janice Hendricks
Mr. Chris Hill
Home Depot
HomeSource Partners, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hornbostel
Ms. Gretchen Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Hunt
IHOP – Southgate
Mrs. Karen Jackson
Ms. Natasha Jackson
Ms. Jerri Jaramillo
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Jaray
Johannes Hunter Jewelers
Mrs. Lachelle Johnson
Ms. Dotti Johnson
Ms. Jones
Ms. Jennifer Jones
Josh & John’s
Kaiser Permanente
Ms. Cheryl Kautz
Ms. Carol Kautz
Keep-m-Clean Car Wash
Ms. Tara Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Kelly
Mr. Patrick Kelly
Ms. Marilyn Kessler
King Soopers
Mr. Douglas Klimas
Ms. Jan Krzykwa
Ms. Shannon Lackler
Mrs. Jessie Latham
Law Firm of Jaray & Webster
Law Office of JC Pit Martin
Ms. Deborah Layne
Ms. Robin Lee
Legends Miniature Golf
Leon Gessi Pizza
Ms. Sue Lilly
Lodestar Financial Planning
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Loo
Mr. Stephen Loveless
Ms. Bonnie Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. George Luke
Lunchbucket Creative, Ltd.
LVW Electronics
Ms. Nancy Maday
Mr. and Mrs. Madrid
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marsh
Ms. Danielle Martinez
Ms. Lisa Mason
Mrs. McClurg
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McDonald
Ms. Sheila McLauthlin
Mrs. Alisa Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Metzger
Ms. Emma Mitchell
Ms. Maryellen Mitchell
Mr. Todd Mitchell
Monarch Landscaping & Construction
Moody Insurance Agency
Ms. Nancy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morgan
Motivate Creative
Ms. Benita’s Books
Ms. Ewell Mueller
Ms. Joan Mullens
Mr. and Mrs. William Mutch
My Kids Lunch
National Charity League
Mr. Tom Niolon
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Noland
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Olive Garden
Melanie and Matthew Olsen
Olson Plumbing & Heating
On the Border
Packaging Express
Pam and Sean
Peoples National Bank
Mrs. Chris Petre
Picnic Basket/Cravings
Mrs. Joan Pierce
Pikes Peak Range Riders, Inc.
Pikes Peak United Way
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Pirio
Ms. Paula Pollet
Ms. Susan Presti
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Price
Ms. Jocelyn Pring
Public Service Credit Union
Ms. Denise Quintana
Mr. Francois Raab
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rains
Ranch Creek Elementary School
Red Noland Cadillac
Mr. Richard Reding
Ms. Ricketts
Ms. Tammy Rivera
Robbins Roofing Specialists, Inc.
Rockrimmon Vision
Mrs. Becky Rodriquez
Mrs. Athena Roe-Tulin
Ross Stores
Rotary Club of Colorado Springs – Interquest
Mr. Frank Rotunda
Roy Insurance Agency
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Rubinow
Rudy’s BBQ
Ms. Linda Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sabin
Mr. Jack Sample
Mr. Chris Samuelson
Ms. Sanderson
Ms. Renee Sasse
Ms. Marguerite Savage
Mr. Andrew Schierholz
Mr. Rich Schur
Ms. Jaime Scott
Ms. Peggy Scroggins
Sherman & Howard, LLC
Mrs. Patsy Shisler
Mr. Tony Sides
Mr. Thomas Skaggs
Skirted Heifer
Ms. Lorin Smith
Ms. Cynthia Smith Ryan
Mr. Jeffrey Stachel
Starbucks – Barnes
Starbucks – Briargate
Starbucks – S Academy
Starbucks – Southgate
State Farm Insurance
State Historical Fund
Ms. JoAnn Stauch
Ms. June Steahlin
Mrs. Steindler
Stockman Kast Ryan +Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Strait
Ms. Karen Stubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Surofchek
Mayor and Mrs. John Suthers
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Svoboda
T. Rowe Price
Target – North Academy
Ms. Trudy Taxman
Mr. Ronald Taylor
Mrs. Sandra Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thacker
The Gazette
The Law Office of Thomas James
The Millibo Art Theatre (MAT)
The Mining Exchange, A Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa
The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs
Mr. Hazen Thomas
Thrivent Financial
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Thurber
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tolley
Toni & Guy Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Thayer Tutt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tyson
Ms. Suzanne Ullom
Urban Steam
US Bank
Valley of the Sun United Way
Ms. Marion Vance
Ms. Vance
Vantage Homes
Mrs. Betty Waldron
Mr. Max Walz
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Watters
Mr. George H. Wayne Jr.
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo – DoTopia & United Way
Wells Fargo Community Assistance Fund
Ms. Westbay
Whistle Pig Brewing Company
Mrs. Karen Wiedemann
Mr. David Wienecke
Ms. Janet Wilcox
Wild Blue Car Wash
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Willers
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wills
Ms. Teri Wise
Mrs. Wendy Wolfswinkel
Mr. Jason Wood
Wooglins Deli
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wyatt
Mrs. Wyatt
Wyatt’s Real Estate & Appraisal
Mrs. Yoder
Ms. Stephanie Zelones
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