Gift Planning

What is your legacy?

Continue your story for generations to come.


Commitment today.
Change tomorrow.

Estate planning, when done with intentionality and by including a narrative of one’s life, can be an incredible means of sustaining future generations of loved ones while continuing a lifetime of support for a charity you believe in.  Further empowering such planning with tax wise strategies, assures there is a means by which your love, care, generosity and gratitude is facilitated.


Leave a Legacy of Learning

  • Let the lives of our community’s children become your legacy.
  • Sustain Early Connections’ work for generations to come.
  • Take advantage of the many tax benefits of making a gift.

Alice Bemis Taylor Society

Who will tell your story after you are gone? People make planned gifts for many reasons.

For additional information on bequests or to chat more about the different options for including Early Connections in your will or estate plan, please contact Rebekah Gans at (719) 381-4803 or

When planning your gift, please be sure to use our legal name and adddress:

Colorado Springs Child Nursery Centers, Inc. (EIN 84-0632406)
104 E. Rio Grande Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

These are simply an overview of your options, and are not intended to constitute tax, accounting or legal advice. Donors should consult professional advisors regarding a planned gift.

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