Alice Bemis Taylor Society

The Alice Bemis Taylor (ABT) Society honors those individuals who have chosen to leave a lasting charitable legacy in our community by including Early Connections Learning Centers in their will, trust or estate plan.

Legacy giving offers a way to make a difference, far beyond the measure of one lifetime and is a meaningful opportunity for those who have lived in a community to provide for its future. By entrusting a gift to Early Connections, you ensure future generations safe, nurturing and quality early education.


All gifts, large and small work together to support our community’s future. Those who remember Early Connections through a legacy gift of any amount, are invited to inform us* of their intentions and join in Early Connections’ ABT Society.

Too often, these gifts are unrecognized because we are unaware of these special gifts until the individual has passed away. At these times, proper appreciation cannot be expressed and questions regarding the specific purpose of the gift may remain unanswered. The ABT Society provides a way to recognize and thank individuals during their lifetime and ensure that their wishes are properly realized.

You may always choose to remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, participation in The ABT Society can be an inspirational experience and may encourage others to look toward the future and how they, too, may have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.



With the support of Early Connections, ABT Society members may designate the use of their gift. If not designated, all legacy gifts go to Early Connections’ Foundation. Established in 1946 by our founding mother and benefactor, Alice Bemis Taylor, the foundation allows us to navigate the inevitable cycles of the economy and meet the future needs of our community’s children. 

Ways in which you can apply personal resources towards improving the lives of children through The ABT Society include:

  • Estates
  • Bequest in a Will or Living Trust
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Beneficiary Designation of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA, 401K, 403B)

If you’ve already included Early Connections in your will or Early Connections is  a named beneficiary of a retirement account or insurance plan, we encourage you to let us know* so that we may honor you as a member of The ABT Society.

ABT Society members share a dedication to the future of our community’s children – but every act of giving is personal and unique. Contact us to discuss your preferences. 

For questions, please contact Rebekah Gans at or (719) 381-4803.

* Only a statement of intent to leave a gift to Early Connections is requested. No documentation of gift amount or type is necessary. 

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