Brittney Tome

About Me

Who or what inspired you to become a teacher? I was “that kid” that nobody wanted in their class when I was younger. I had tons of energy, bit kids and was always in trouble. Back then it was very rare that teachers knew how to handle kids like that in a positive and respectful way. When I was older, I decided that there were better ways to handle kids like me and I wanted to know how to do it. No kid should ever have to feel like a burden to the teachers, they should feel loved and respected. Because of that my room is always full of hugs, kisses and love.

 My best day in the classroom was when…. I was student teaching in a special education preschool room for a semester in college. There was a boy who hadn’t spoken a single word since school started in August, it was now February. It was my second week student teaching when this little boy walked up to me, hugged me and said “I love you”. All of my cooperating teachers and myself were amazed that he not only willingly spoke but he formed an entire sentence! From that point on the boy spoke regularly. It was such an amazing experience!

 If you could have one teacher superpower what would it be? Octopus arms so I can do everything that needs to be done.

 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I snowboard, play and coach soccer, read, run, draw and pretend I’m a photographer.

 What else would you like to share about yourself or profession? I love coming to work and seeing all my kids’ smiles, it’s the best!

 What is your favorite food? Lasagna and brownies (but not together)!

 What is your favorite book? Alice in Wonderland