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Do You Know Someone Who Has Been Associated with Child Nursery Centers or the Day Nursery?

Ed_Baker_AlumniEarly Connections Learning Centers has been dedicated to giving children a great start in life for 119 years.  Hundreds of children, staff, board members and volunteers have passed through our doors to enrich young lives and contribute to the overall well-being of Colorado Springs.    Pictured left is Ed Baker, who paid a visit to the Day Nursery more than sixty years after he and his brother, Allen, lived in the facility during the 1930’s. While touring the building, Mr. Baker shared several stories about those days of long ago.

We deeply value our rich heritage and invite anyone who has been associated with Child Nursery Centers, The Day Nursery or any of our centers to visit us and share your story to contact us at:

719-632-1754 x1005 or email

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