Building Futures

A Campaign to Support the Children of Early Connections

It’s an exciting time at Early Connections Learning Centers. With over one hundred and twenty three years of successful history behind us, we look forward to continuing as a leader in providing quality education into the future.

Building Futures is a transformative capital project, critical to Early Connections’ long-term viability and vision. New and restored centers enable us to continue to provide high quality learning experiences for future generations of children and teachers.

Healthy development in the early years of life provides the building blocks for lifelong health, educational achievement and responsible citizenship. We invite you to partner with us and support Building Futures, as we invest in building a brighter future for our community’s children.

Every gift to our Campaign is meaningful, large or small and the spirit of our donors’ generosity will be felt by our children, teachers and community every day, for years to come.

Every dollar counts —
just like every child in our community.

Our fundraising goal: $9.5 million

How much money have we raised?


Leverage Your Gift with the 50% Colorado
Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Interested individuals, corporations, families, foundations and other groups are invited to contact the Development Office for more information.

Liz Denson
Vice President of Community Engagement
Early Connections Learning Centers
104 E. Rio Grande, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-381-4804

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